The funky songbird from the East, Irma puts together grooves, melodies, and harmonies that reflects her journey in life, love and music. With the ability to arrange and produce music organically and electronically, Irma brought her Malaysian root sound into the music of Soul and R&B and make it her own distinct blend. Finding her ground in all the giant cities like New York City and Los Angeles, Irma has carved her name throughout the globe through her tours for her debut album “My World” in the US, Europe and South East Asia, Irma is constantly spreading her wings reaching out to new souls with one mission; bringing people together through music.

Born in Penang, Malaysia, Irma Seleman was raised in a small town, Bangi, Selangor, MY. An active sports woman who sings Malay traditional music throughout her middle school life. As a daughter of a musician, her dad gave a lot of exposure in every kind of music from traditional, to contemporary.

Irma graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2014 with a double degree in Contemporary Writing & Production as well as Performance. She has established her career as a singer, songwriter, music arranger and producer and participated in numerous events in Boston, MA such as the Berklee Singer Showcase, RAW Boston and many more. Irma had her first Euro Tour supported by Berklee and Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory. She was featured in the Close Encounters festival and Cultural Festival by the US Embassy in Helsinki that took place in Helsinki,Tampere, Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia.

She then began spreading her wings to the big apple, New York City and performed in numerous venues in New York including Rockwood Music Hall, The Bitter End, Utica Music Festival New York. In NYC, she began producing and arranging for independent artists, such as Leah Rich, Olivia Castriota, Shubh Saran and many more.


On March 27, 2016, Irma released her debut album "My World" internationally and held a release show in Rockwood Hall, NYC. The album featured notable musicians such as Cory Henry, Sharay Reed, Arthur Kam and many more. She also had a few other release shows in Los Angeles and in Malaysia.


Currently residing in Malaysia, Irma is now a music lecturer at International College of Music while still performing and writing. She just recently released her new single "Was It A Lie", a live performance that includes more than 20 musicians bringing a new music concept in Malaysia