Yewy Ong "The Millennial Producer"


Presenting the Malaysian tribe once again! Irma is all about showing off her fellow talented musicians and artists to the world. This time it's one of the most talented producer grinding out in the sunny Los Angeles.

"I've known Yewy for almost 10 years from back where we were in college in Malaysia. We were both just started doing music professionally at the time. I knew him as a guitarist first when we were in college and knew he was into production as I am myself. Only when we were in Boston that I got to really see Yewy grow especially in the world of electronic music. His knowledge and ability to design sounds and produce is really incredible to my eyes. I have learned so much by just watching him on day one and thats only day one."

"Yewy definitely has so much to offer to the American Music Industry and definitely to the entire globe. I believe that his music is on par with the higher professionals in the industry. I am actually looking at having Yewy to produce some of my future tracks and that is going to be an exciting collaboration."

Yewy is now working with some great artists such as Nigel Tay, Nahid, Nadia Suen and many more. One of the highlights of his career was his collaboration with the American popular singer Ashe that has bounced his name up high as a producer.


Yewy is also now working in a famous studio in Los Angeles, Ruwanga Samath’s Studio. Ruwanga Samath is a producer thats worked with Dr Dre, Busta Rhymes, Don Omar, Kelly Rolland, Ke$ha, Meghan Trainor. He has done remixes for Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Norah Jones. He has also work placed in films like Fast & Furious 5, Ted, and Saw IV. How impressive is that? Yewy is working so closely to him as the Assistant Engineer & the Co-Producer of the studio.


Irma Seleman & the whole team are very excited for new exciting music that Yewy is going to produce! Don't forget to check out his single featuring Ashe in the video below.